In this feature, Khairun Najah and Norfarhana took Hilyah on their family's umrah trip in May 2011 They visited the historic site Jabal Uhud in Madinah where Rasulullah saw. and his sahabat fought in the Battle of Uhud, and 70 sahabat traded their lives for Jannah. Hilyah also got a view of Jabal Rahmah at Arafah, where Rasulullah saw. gave his khutbah during Haji Wada' and Nabi Adam a.s. was reunited with Hawa a.s.

Thank you, Khairun Najah and Norfarhana for sharing these holy places with Hilyah. Barakallahu fikum!


Norfarhana wore HAC011B Print Flower Pink while Khairun Najah wore HA093 Ribbon Candy Pink.

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