We believe in quality - and at Hilyah, it means giving the best we can in comfort and material quality for our Muslimah Tshirts. That is why we only use special-ordered, 100% cotton material which is special-dyed, printed to-order and added with extra softener in producing our tshirts. We believe that InsyaAllah, Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts are comfortable, practical and versatile enough to be worn in many places and for many occasions.

Join us as we journey with our customers to places and occasions that they have gone to with Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts.



Share Your Hilyah Journey

Send us your photos and stories of places or occasions that you have gone to with your Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts, and get 3 free Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts of your choice when you get featured here*

To participate, email your photos, story, name, address and telephone no to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For enquiries, call/sms us at +6 0162885305.

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